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Focused on Christ is dedicated to the exaltation of Jesus Christ through thoughtful discussions about God’s Word and it’s practical application to our lives. Join Pastors Nathan Smith and Mike Crump as they ask key questions and open up the Bible to see more about our Glorious Savior.

For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.  1 Cor 2:2




This morning I found myself staring into the pages of Psalm 106 only to see myself staring back. My story, and I would wager that it’s yours as well, is reflected in this Psalm. A song written about the goodness of God amidst the sinfulness of His people.

The Secret Things of God

The Secret Things of God

“I don’t understand it God”

I am not sure if I spoke those words out loud or if they were just the inward dialogue of my heart, but either way – I was at the end of myself and wanted answers.

My newly born baby girl was back in the hospital after only a few weeks of being at home. Amy and I were not sure what to expect, but all I knew in that moment was that my precious child was not where she was supposed to be…

The Truth Behind Our Complaining

The Truth Behind Our Complaining

There I am with a jug of laundry detergent and carton of ice cream heading to the check-out only to find that among 10 check-out aisles only 3 are running and a billion people are rushing to pay for their groceries. I analyze the situation, calculate the potential wait time for each line and make a selection – only to find the person in front of me brought their coupons and an actual check book to pay for their 2 carts of food. 

Let the complaining begin. 



Nathan is the Senior Pastor of Heritage Baptist Church in Lynchburg VA. Nathan earned his doctorate from The Master’s Seminary and serves as the leading teaching pastor at Heritage. Growing up in Tanzania as part of a missionary family, he came to love the Word of God and it’s power to transform the lives of people around the globe.  He brings that passion to his teaching ministry and as he seeks to lead the church in sending men and women to the nations.


Mike is Pastor of Church Communications at Heritage Baptist Church here he writes and produces various content for the people of Heritage. Mike grew up in North Carolina, moving to Lynchburg with his family to attend Liberty’s School of Divinity. He has been involved in Christian media for over 20 years and has a passion for using modern means to proclaim the ultimate truth of the Gospel.