This episode of Focused on Christ dives into the concept of the Church’s purpose, specifically its role in exalting God. Hosts Mike Crump and Pastor Nathan Smith discuss the importance of a biblical foundation for the Church and how it should prioritize glorifying God.

Key Points:

  • The Church’s primary purpose is to glorify God, not to fulfill personal needs or chase cultural trends.
  • True worship involves honoring God in spirit and truth, based on scripture.
  • Healthy churches are led by elders who prioritize biblical doctrine and cultivate a desire to exalt God within the congregation.
  • A focus on attracting unbelievers through entertainment can distract from the core purpose of glorifying God.

Key Discussion Points:

  • Why do some churches prioritize cultural relevance over biblical teachings?
  • How can churches cultivate a genuine desire to worship God among believers?
  • What are the dangers of pragmatism in church leadership?

Call to Action:

  • Reflect on whether your church prioritizes exalting God.
  • If you’re a church leader, ensure your teachings and practices are rooted in scripture.

Additional Notes:

  • The episode emphasizes the importance of faithful elders who shepherd the congregation towards God-centered worship.
  • It discourages seeker-sensitive churches that prioritize attracting unbelievers over genuine spiritual growth.
  • The importance of a biblical worldview in shaping a church’s identity and purpose is highlighted.