In the New Testament we see the apostles commanding people to repent and be baptized (Acts [2:38]), but what exactly is baptism? Is it required for salvation? What is the correct method for baptism? Is baptizing babies ok? Join Mike and Nathan as they talk through these questions and several more in order to provide a clear understanding of the purpose of this sacred act.

Key points from the discussion:

  • Definition of Baptism: Baptism signifies regeneration and unity with Jesus Christ while also incorporating believers into the identity of the church of God.
  • Old Testament Connection: The concept of ritual cleansing before entering God’s presence is found in the Old Testament with practices like the mikveh.
  • John the Baptist vs. Christian Baptism: John’s baptism symbolized a call to repentance, while Christian baptism signifies the believer’s identification with Christ’s death and resurrection.
  • Importance of Baptism: Baptism is an act of obedience and a public declaration of faith in Christ. It is also a symbol of new life in Christ and a commitment to the Christian community.
  • Salvation vs. Baptism: Salvation is separate from baptism and is found only through faith in Jesus Christ. However, baptism is a natural response to being saved and a way to identify with Christ and the Church.
  • Holy Spirit and Baptism: Receiving the Holy Spirit is not dependent on baptism, but it is linked to salvation.
  • Infant Baptism vs. Believer’s Baptism: The episode discusses both viewpoints.

The program concludes by emphasizing the beauty of baptism as a symbolic representation of being united with Christ.