In this episode, we wrestled with the roles of deacons and elders in the church, and yes, there can be a lot of confusion around this topic!

We unpacked what a deacon truly is: a servant who uses their God-given gifts to meet the practical needs of the church family. They’re the helping hands behind the scenes, ensuring things run smoothly. Elders, on the other hand, are the shepherds of the church. They focus on teaching the Bible and overseeing the church’s spiritual well-being.

Now, if deacons and elders aren’t clear on their responsibilities, it can lead to some serious tension. Imagine a deacon trying to tell the elders what to do, or an elder micromanaging the deacons’ every move. That’s not a recipe for a healthy church! The key is understanding – understanding what the Bible says about each role and how they can work together in unity.

So, if you’re ever feeling confused about deacons and elders, remember this: Deacons serve, elders shepherd. And when they both operate according to God’s design, the church thrives!

Here are some verses referenced in today’s conversation:

  • 1 Timothy 3:8
  • Acts 6

Nathan’s teaching on Elders and Deacons: