This episode of Focused on Christ discusses a recent controversy where a visiting pastor disrupted a men’s conference, criticizing their entertainment and accusing them of having a “Jezebel Spirit.”┬áThe conversation focuses on how churches should approach attracting people, with the main point being that entertainment should not overshadow the message of Jesus. They then criticize the public nature of the disagreement and the attempt at church discipline on a non-member, advocating for a more humble and local approach to resolving issues.

Here are the key points:

  • The Incident: Mark Driscoll disrupted a men’s conference at James River Church, led by Pastor John Lindell. Driscoll condemned a performance by a sword swallower, calling it a “strip act” and accusing the church of being led by a “Jezebel spirit.”
  • Attractional vs. Expositional Methods: The conversation explores the use of entertainment to attract people to church. While having fun can be part of church life, the main focus should be on teaching God’s word.
  • Driscoll’s Rebuke: The hosts criticize Driscoll’s public rebuke, questioning his motives and authority. They argue such confrontations should happen within the context of a local church, not on a public stage.
  • Church Discipline: James River Church attempted to implement church discipline on Driscoll, who is not a member of their congregation. The episode questions the validity of this action.
  • The Role of Online Discernment Ministries: The hosts express caution regarding online ministries focused on criticizing other churches. They emphasize the importance of local church involvement and careful discernment.
  • Focus on Your Own Ministry: The episode concludes by urging listeners to focus on their own local church ministries and avoid the temptation to become online warriors for correction.

Additional Notes:

  • The hosts avoid taking sides in the specific controversy but focus on broader principles.
  • They emphasize the importance of carefulness, humility, and accountability in ministry.