What leadership roles do we see in the Bible? How are we supposed to understand the roles of apostles, prophets, and teachers in light of God’s full revelation. In this episode of Focused on Christ, Mike and Nathan discuss some of the key roles God ordained for guiding his people. Are they all still active today and what part do they play in the local church?

Key Points:

  • All authority figures should use their power to glorify God and benefit others.
  • Leaders should create an environment where people can flourish as image-bearers of God.
  • In the New Testament, apostles laid the foundation of the Church through their writings and pronouncements accompanied by signs and wonders.
  • Prophets of the Old Testament also laid the groundwork for the coming of the Messiah.
  • Teachers, including elders, unpack the revelation already given in Scripture.
  • The Bible is sufficient for all truth and knowledge of God, but God ordained his word to be carried by redeemed people.
  • Leaders who prioritize the Bible‚Äôs role in the Church life can be identified by their teachings and how they handle Scripture.

Bible References: