There seems to be an increase in people who confess true biblical faith in Christ alone, yet struggle with assurance of salvation. If I am a new creation, why do I still struggle with sin? How can I know that I am saved? In this episode, Pastors Nathan and Mike discuss what it means to be “in Christ” and why they important biblical reality is a means of confidence, hope and joy.

Key Points:

  • Doubting one’s salvation is a common experience for Christians, but it doesn’t negate the reality of being “in Christ.”
  • “Being in Christ” is a state of union with Christ achieved through faith. It’s distinct from “communion with Christ,” which is the ongoing relationship enjoyed by believers.
  • Our union with Christ is secure and permanent, but our communion with Him can be affected by sin.
  • The battle with sin is a result of still being in a physical body, but we are looking forward to a future, complete bodily resurrection.
  • Understanding our union with Christ brings security, confidence, and joy.
  • Being “in Christ” creates a unique bond between believers, transforming how we interact and treat each other within the Church.
  • Christ-centered worship that celebrates Christ’s work and draws us closer to Him strengthens the unity and community within the Church.

Bible References:

Note: This is not an exhaustive list of all the Bible references that might be relevant to the discussion.