In episode 65 of “Focused on Christ,” host Mike Crump and Pastor Nathan Smith delved into the profound descriptions of the church found in 1 Peter chapter 2. Through their insightful conversation, they shed light on the significance of understanding the identity of the church and its implications for believers’ lives and mission.

The Church’s Identity: A Chosen Race, a Royal Priesthood, a Holy Nation

The discussion began with an exploration of the multifaceted identity of the church. Drawing from 1 Peter 2:9-10, they highlighted how believers are described as a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, and a possession of God. Each descriptor reveals a different aspect of the church’s identity and mission.

A Chosen Race: Reclaimed Identity in Christ

The term “chosen race” signifies the restoration of humanity’s created identity through Christ. Believers are no longer defined by external factors like ethnicity or social status but are renewed creations in Christ, destined to reflect God’s image fully.

A Royal Priesthood: Ambassadorial Role and Intercessory Function

As a royal priesthood, believers are not only ambassadors for Christ but also part of the royal family of God. This designation emphasizes the believer’s role as an intermediary between God and humanity, tasked with proclaiming God’s excellencies to the world.

A Holy Nation: Under the Kingship of God

The designation of a holy nation underscores believers’ allegiance to God’s kingship. They are set apart and made holy by God, reflecting His character and submitting to His rule above all earthly powers.

A People for His Own Possession: Covenantal Relationship with God

Being a possession of God entails a deep covenantal relationship marked by love and belonging. Believers are united with Christ, reflecting the intimate bond between Christ and the church as depicted in the Scriptures.

Implications for Believers: Sojourners and Exiles in the World

Understanding the church’s identity as described in 1 Peter 2 also informs believers of their status as sojourners and exiles in this world. As recipients of God’s grace and members of His kingdom, believers are called to live distinctively and honorably among unbelievers, bearing witness to Christ through their conduct and character.

In conclusion, the conversation on “Focused on Christ” provided valuable insights into the identity of the church as portrayed in 1 Peter 2. By understanding and embracing this identity, believers are equipped to live faithfully, proclaiming God’s excellencies to the world and reflecting His character in all they do. As we continue to meditate on these truths, may we be encouraged to live as lights in a dark world, embodying the glorious identity bestowed upon us as members of the body of Christ.